KivCraft is a public, 24/7 survival multiplayer Minecraft server in the US.

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Getting Started

Vanilla: Run 50 blocks in any direction to leave Spawn and start building. Instead of /rtp, we have Inner 10k Transit and the Pantheon.

→ Use the Pantheon to visit a deity’s Temple in a specific biome, or travel the middle axis of the inner 10k blocks of our world with the ITT.

Quests: Start Chapter One by right clicking the NPC “Syllia” at Spawn (enter /spawn in chat to go there). Click “Yes” to accept her quest; messages will be sent through chat.

<aside> 🗞️ Nov 3rd 2023: Taking votes in our Discord for the timing of our next event… /rtp has been removed, use the 11 Shrines at Spawn or the Inner 10k Transit system. Check out the new decorative heads shops - talk to Lotus Spawn —> Follow us or join the community: Discord Tumblr TikTok Reddit




Lore Guide

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Server Features


Chat Formatting


NPCs (beta)

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Map Info

Border: 90k blocks from the middle

Start Date: Jan 15th, 2022

Difficulty: Hard

It’s unlikely we’ll ever reset this map.

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